Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Get Inspired and Inspire Others

Take Your Passion for Yoga a Step Deeper with 200 hour, and 300 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Trainings.

Jeff and Sonya Thomlinson (as former founders of Tandava Yoga and Trinity Yoga Centers in Kelowna and Vernon BC) have been training teachers in Kelowna and Vancouver BC since 2004 and facilitating trainings since 1999. Combining over 43 years experience with yoga, meditation and lifestyle coaching, our training will take you to the heart of your practice and inspire others on their journey.

"This was an absolutely amazing experience. Sonya and Jeff's passion comes through in what they teach and how they interact with their students. Lots of laughs, tears, and learning have been experienced here!  I feel confident in saying I chose the right YTT."

200 Hour

The 200hr Intensive is more than an entry level teacher training program. This is a classic yoga teacher training in which students gain in-depth instruction in asana, pranayama, anatomy & physiology, strong alignment principles, & traditional philosophy, providing a solid foundation to teach yoga as well as deepen your own personal practice.

Utilizing state of the art techniques in stress reduction and mindfulness, as well as current research and data in brain and behavioral science, as well as the wisdom of the yoga tradition, this program ultimately creates the power to lead and help others from personal exploration and development.

As an integrated practice on and off the mat, this program becomes a catalyst for physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening. More info...

Yoga Lifestyle Immersion

Embark on the Transformational Journey of a Lifetime!

The Yoga Lifestyle Immersion is a brand new offering in response to the overwhelming crequests for our transformational training without the teacher certification.

This Immersion delivers all of the foundational principles taught in our 200 hour training including advanced alignment in asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy, meditation, and experiential practices that act as a catalyst for awakening witness conscious and harmony in all aspects of life. 

The program serves as the base for our certification program in which participants may wish to complete at any point in the future to become a yoga teacher. More info...


300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Fall 2018

The 300hr Professional Level Training program is a module based training that begins by strengthening the foundation you developed in your basic certification. Whether you received your 200-hour certification with us or another Yoga Alliance compliant school, our Professional program is designed to take your existing knowledge and skills to the next level. Whether you want to work with advanced students, teach with more confidence or specialize your skills for working with specific populations, this program is the first step in realizing your potential as a teacher. Certification at this level is designated as 500 Hours. Modules include Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra Certification for Groups, Private Clients, Specialized Populations and Kids, Advanced Asana, Advanced Assisting Techniques, Advanced Meditation, Teaching the Deeper Practices, Leading Powerful Experiential Workshops, as well as The General Assessment for working with Private Clients. More info...

Training Details

  • Study with professional teachers with over 43 combined years of experience.
  • Our school is internationally registered with Yoga Alliance. 
  • Over 475 students trained.
  • All course fees include tuition, books and supplies. Tax receipts are issued.
  • Payment plans are offered on all trainings as well as discounts for paying in full

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